19 comments on “The Iceman ***

  1. Good review Chris. Nothing more than just another biopic on a messed-up hitman working for the mob. That’s pretty much all there is to it, with the exception of a wonderful lead performance from Shannon.

    • It is worth it. He commands your attention in every one of his scenes. It’s a different performance than things like Zod in Man of Steel as he’s more subdued but as I said this makes his performance even more effective. If you love Shannon and I totally agree with you that he is extraordinary then give this a watch.

  2. Nice review. I think Shannon’s one of the best actors working today, but I ended up passing when this came in theaters. Look like I’m not missing much.

    • Thanks. Your right Shannon is one of the best in the business right now. Na your not missing much, the only thing that’s really good about it is the performances.

  3. Hej, Chris, nice review! I agree with everything you said, The Iceman definitely could have been a great movie, but it ended being average. It’s a shame Shannon’s talent was wasted in such way.


  4. I haven’t seen this mainly because it sounds like such a disappointment. I’ll get around to it but it seems like it doesn’t cash in on its big potential.

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